January 5, 2018 Mr. Goodbar, Buffalo, NY
January 7, 2018 Lakewood Legion, Lakewood, NY
February 23, 2018 The Taproom, Westfield, NY
February 24, 2018 Mojo's, Jamestown, NY (w/ Haewa)
March 10, 2018 Nietzsche's, Buffalo, NY


All Alone EP - 2017


Cold Lazarus was officially formed at the beginning of 2017, when established Jamestown musicians Adam Gould (guitar), Gavin Paterniti (bass) and Marc Scapelitte (drums) decided to try something a little new and different from their previous and current original projects. The three met for their first practice in December, 2016 and found an instant chemistry and propensity for song-crafting that resulted in the creation of nearly a dozen original songs over the course of a few short months. This process was expedited through the acquisition of Drew Minton, who, along with Scapelitte, is a former member of the Porcelain Busdrivers, and who elevated the group's originals to a whole new level with his melodic keys, synth and sax playing. The group hit the studio in February to record its first EP, "All Alone," a four-track representation of the band's diversity in its songwriting, which was released at the end of that month.

The group began stringing together live appearances beginning in April, finally introducing audiences to the songs that had been developing in private in the months prior. The music reflects a variety of styles and influences, inspired primarily by diverse musical backgrounds of Gould and Scapelitte. Centering around a back drop of funk-oriented groove rock, the band also incorporates elements of reggae, electronica, trance and straight rock into its set. Cold Lazarus has begun to establish a niche for itself among area music lovers who harbor an appreciation for funk, reggae and groove rock.


Drew Gavin Adam Marco
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